We Care. We are MD Cares.

At MD Clinics, it is our main goal to serve our patients no matter how far away they are or what financial status they’re in. As a member of the community, we strive to bring quality care that’s affordable and approachable, as we believe in the health and well-being of our neighborhood.

We are committed to the betterment of your health and your ability to thrive. That is MD Cares.

A Note from the CEO

It is with my deepest sense of passion to offer care to so many of our family and friends in our community. I live every day to offer life to another person, and it’s through this determination that I can fight alongside our patients for recovery, health, and longevity. I started MD Clinics in 2018 with a small dream to bring patient opportunity in more rural areas. With that dream, I decided to open my own practice so I could grow this dream of bridging access. Today we are in eight locations and growing. I owe it all to my patients to see this growth and I am forever your servant in health and wellbeing.

Dr. Manish Dhawan

CEO/ Founder
Board Certified Oncologist

Patient-first Holistic Approach

Why Choose Us

Medical Privacy
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Quality & Safety
Qualified Doctors
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Individual Approach
Personalized Treatment
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Our Mission & Patient-First Commitment

Deeply Rooted Compassionate Care

Our Mission
MD Clinics is rooted in the principle of compassionate medical care. We are a patient-first experience dedicated to our communities with a focused desire to provide comprehensive and world-class services navigating complex care with the organizational strength and technical excellence of our healthcare team.

Our Vision
MD Clinics is constantly striving for a transformational change in the way medical care is delivered, received and perceived, in order to better the lives of our patients and communities we serve.

Our Patient Commitment

  • Treat patients as partners through comprehensive health care services and informed consultations
  • Motivate patients to harness their inner strength to help bring positive change in themselves 
  • Respect families and caregivers as champions of loving care that often gives meaning to the lives of our patients 
  • Elevate the quality of life of those we care for through holistic integrative medicine that empowers the patient and their families 
  • Educate and provide resources to encourage purposeful participation in bettering ones own health
  • Serve our local communities with the utmost of compassionate, timely and affordable care
  • Transform the medical experience for the patient, community and industry